Portion Control

Last week, The New Yorker ran corrections on some of science writer Jonah Lehrer’s blog posts when it was discovered that he repurposed material from his previous writing.  I’m a fan of Lehrer’s work– I’ve read and enjoyed all three of his books.  Wrote a very silly piece building off of The New Yorker’s disclaimer, which is up at The Barnes & Noble Review today.  Here’s an excerpt:

Editors’ Note: Portions of this post appeared in similar form in an April, 2011, post…. We regret the duplication of material. — The New Yorker

Editors’ Note: Portions of our intern will no longer be appearing in our office. We regret that you will now have to duplicate your own material.

There’s a bunch of stuff in between that makes that excerpt make sense.  I’m finding that this is a hard piece to excerpt.

Here’s the link.

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