Friends, Classmates, Donors

My latest at Barnes & Noble is an e-mail exchange between the head of fundraising for the 10th anniversary college reunion class and a guy who doesn’t want to give a donation.

If you’ve ever been shaken down for money by an acquaintance pretending to be a friend, you may enjoy this one.

Oh, what memories! That really brings me back, hombre. I was telling my wife all about you the other day. (You know I got married, right? Small wedding, otherwise we would have loved to have you there!) She couldn’t believe all my stories about us — that time we both did the reading for our Economics class, that time we both took that Economics exam, that time we got our transcripts and both had grades in Economics. Oh, man, it cracks me up. She imagined you’d be exactly the kind of friend who would be amazingly generous to the alumni giving campaign.

Here’s the link.

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