How To Internet for Writers

I really like my latest piece on The Bygone Bureau, “How To Internet For Writers.”

“Welcome to How To Internet for Writers, our workshop on how you can most effectively use social media to promote yourselves and your books. I apologize that we have not been able to figure out how to get the computer to project our slides. Computers! They’re so complicated!”

I promise it’s funny.

“How many followers does it cost to get a book deal?”

“I’m writing a young adult novel and need to market it. Where do girls ages 14 to 17 hang out on the internet?”

“I was wondering where I can buy a Facebook. Do they sell it in Costco?”

“I do multiple kinds of writing. Should I have a different computer for each one?”

“I am interested in broadening my audience. Do you know if there’s a place where I can find girls ages 14 to 17?”

“My website doesn’t have an address. Is that okay?”

“Can I get a refund for this event? I paid three angry birds.”

Here’s the link.

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