Three More New Ones

A piece today on Barnes & Noble, satirizing the life of a humor writer.

I’m even starting to franchise.  I’ve put together a packet with the information someone needs to be a humor writer — I outsourced the writing of it to some hack I found on the Internet — and for a small percentage of revenue, someone can use my name and the existing equity of my brand to shop their pieces, with exclusive rights to markets around the world.

It’s a bit of a strange one.  The Writing Business.


And from Medium, a piece on the health hazards of underground supper clubs:

We use only fresh micro greens, discarded corn husks, and garbage. The salad was composed by Shelly, a good friend I met at the wound clinic at a local hospital. She only needs three more treatments until she’s better.

Underground, Illegal, and Delicious.


Plus, also on Medium, some new writing contests and submission opportunities you might be interested in:

— Desperate for entries to the Roger Jones Memorial Writing Contest. We give you information about Mr. Jones, and you write a memorial. Deadline is Friday at 7 p.m. Meet us at St. Matthew’s Cathedral with the text.

Entirely Real Writing Contests and Submission Opportunities.

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