Jeremy Blachman / Ghostwriter

“Jeremy is a unicorn, it’s that simple. He has the raw intellect to go deep on any subject, and the creative genius to help you surface your voice. Writing a book is arduous, and no one can sustain the same level of enthusiasm. Through all the ebbs and flows, Jeremy ratchets up and down his level of intensity to meet your needs at that moment. There’s no pride of authorship, just commitment to producing something great however you get there. It’s hard to imagine someone capable of caring more about your book than even you do, but that’s how it feels to work with Jeremy; if I had made the mistake of choosing someone else to work with, my book would have been half as good.”
[AUTHOR], book released by a major publisher in 2023

“Jeremy and I have worked closely together and there’s very simply no finer professional or person I would select as a partner for any project. Jeremy is a rare individual who has an incredible ability to content create, organize, story-tell, and smoothly connect everything together to inspire, teach, and move an audience. Said differently, Jeremy has a phenomenal blend of high IQ and EQ and he uses each at the appropriate times—not only in his work, but in his interactions. I love working with Jeremy and the finest compliment I can pay anyone is that Jeremy would be my first pick for anything in the future.”
— [AUTHOR], book released by a major publisher in 2021

Writing your book doesn’t start with the words on the page. It starts with a deep dive into what you want to say to the world, an understanding of your goals, and an achievable plan for executing, given the endless demands on your time.

As a ghostwriter and collaborator, I’ve worked with business leaders and prominent figures in a range of industries on a variety of non-fiction projects, including memoirs, leadership and advice books, and titles exploring topics in business, technology, medicine, and more. Among my clients have been a professor at a top business school, a former U.S. government official, an entrepreneur and television personality, and CEOs and top executives across the world.

At every stage of the process, I am your partner — from conception to outline to book proposal, to the search for the right agent and publisher to bring the project to market, to the research and writing, interviews and edits, all the way to publication and beyond, working with you, your team, and the publisher to support the book however I can. My job, from the moment we begin, is to make your book a reality, and do whatever I can to help it be as easy as possible for you to achieve your vision. Whether I’m
the editor working behind you in the document, or you simply want to talk and let me take care of the rest, together we figure out a process that works for you.

A graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School, I began my professional writing career with a book deal for my first novel, Anonymous Lawyer, while I was still a law student, later developing the book for television and film. While continuing to work on my own projects, I realized that helping others with their books was both a skill and a passion.

My work has been published by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, McSweeney’s, and elsewhere.

If you’re looking for help telling your story — in print, television, or film — send me an e-mail to get in touch.

: Recent publication of a collaboration with a leading entrepreneur through a HarperCollins imprint; upcoming projects with top professionals being released through traditional publishers as well as helping clients with hybrid and self-published projects.

PREVIOUSLY: Release from Wiley: The Patient Equation, co-authored with a leader in the field of clinical drug trials.  Also helped a leading law firm partner with a memoir, worked with a global expert in Human Resources, and collaborated with a technologist on a book about workplace productivity. Humor pieces published by Parents Magazine, What’s Up Moms, and others. Blogged about parenthood here. The Curve (co-written with Cameron Stracher), a satire about a corrupt, Trump University-esque law school, set on the banks of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn (reviews here, here, and here), developed for television with Warner Bros. and NBC. Year of the Rooster, a history of the Israeli tech giant Conduit, published in Israel. Worked on book projects with a leading Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a Wall Street CEO, and others. With Hyperactive Content, developed a kids’ web series for Nickelodeon, titled “Roast Beef and Roger.” Developed Anonymous Lawyer, my satirical novel about law firms (called “wickedly amusing” by USA Today), for film, after its release from Henry Holt and development for TV with Sony and NBC. (More about Anonymous Lawyer at my parody law firm site, Anonymous Law Firm. Or by reading the original Anonymous Lawyer blog I began while a student at Harvard Law School.)  I also blogged about my law school experience here.

E-mail me if you have a project you think I could help with.

5 responses to “Jeremy Blachman / Ghostwriter

  1. hi i just wanted to let you know i read the nursery school addmissions essay, it was very good. i liked it alot. i got so into however that i wanted to read more. i wanted to know if billy got into the school or what adventures he could have. i know it was suppose to be a short (i think) but have you thought of writing more?

  2. Jeremy, I’d like to apply to be the Realtor for the start-up employees. Surely, the other (wait)staff will be too busy.

  3. intrepidnetwork

    Good one on Starbucks. Great read.

  4. Sandra McCash

    “Anonymous Lawyer” is one of the funniest books I have ever read…LMAO! I’m a legal assistant…oops…secretary by profession in Ontario, Canada and hope your “firm” plans to open an office in Toronto anytime soon, wink wink.

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